President Clinton Among Frequent Visitors to Dominican Doctor Under FBI Investigation

The Miami Herald reported yesterday that frequent visitors of the now infamous Dr. Salomon Melgen included President Bill Clinton.

According to the article, the Doctor would hold lavish fundraisers in his 5,000 sq. foot “Casa de Campo” house in the Dominican Republic.

Patricia Goodman, a  former office administrator for Melgen gave a detailed interview on the man now under federal investigation. “There were things going on that I didn’t like, not necessarily in the office,’’ she said. “His personal life got to take a toll on me.” said Goodman.

So the guy who didn’t run for POTUS in ’88 because of his long list of extramarital affairs, spent time and vacationed with a Doctor whose own employee felt so uncomfortable with his “lifestyle”, that she did not return to work after a bout with cancer…

As more information is leaked, one cannot help but ask the question; just how big is this iceburg?

One thing is for sure; Slick Willy strikes again.

slick willy



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