An Unlikely Super Bowl Endorsement?

Politics and sports have certain parallels. You have an offense and a defense, fair-weather fans and those bad calls by the refs. You could read the following prediction by former presidential candidate and Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum for hidden meanings. But there’s no need to. As a life-long Bengals fan, I understand why a Steelers fan would write this. It still doesn’t make it right.

A prediction is easy compared to the gut wrenching decision of what team to root for. Let me explain.

I am a Steelers fan and we despise our chief rival, the Ravens. Steelers–Ravens games are more like steel-cage matches than games. Even though they are from our division, this is not college football where you cheer for teams in your conference in bowl games. Even if we did, Steeler fans would make an exception for the Ravens. Seems simple right? I will root for the Niners. Wrong.

The Steelers stand atop the NFL for the number of Super Bowls won with six, but right behind us are the Niners. We believe we are the best franchise in the NFL and we can back it up. It will require a few Iron City beers and I will not wear a stitch of purple or black, but every real Steeler fan will cheer for a Niners defeat.

I predict the game will be one where the Ravens are badly outplayed, but win because of numerous bad calls by the refs and fluke plays. Niners lose it on the last play of the game. With the ball on their own one-yard line Kaepernick takes a knee in a tie game, but trips and falls into the end zone for a safety. Niners 3 Ravens 5.

Via National Review Online

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