NCAA Cinderella Coach is Optimistic but has a Solid Plan B

Second-year Florida Gulf Coast University men’s basketball coach, Andy Enfield, earned his first trip to the NCAA tournament this year. His 15th seeded Eagles face a daunting first round matchup against number two-seed, Georgetown.

FGCU isn’t intimidated though, and they may just make a legitimate Cinderella run. But if they are sent packing early, Coach Enfield can take comfort in knowing that he has built an amazing amount of momentum for a program still in its NCAA Division 1 infancy, and that there’s always next year.

And also that he’s married to super model Amanda Marcum.

You’re welcome.

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  1. March 21, 2013  12:59 pm by Rick Bulow (@RickBulow1974) Reply

    WONDERFUL article. I happen to be in the same area that FGCU is (I live about 10 miles from the campus and keep track of them in the News Press ( and they are the talk of the town here.

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