Film Review: “Spring Breakers” … Meh

If ADD were a movie, it would be Spring Breakers.

Wild And Crazy Girls

Wild And Crazy Girls

And though that’s not always a bad thing, writer/director Harmony Korine’s (Kids, Gummo, Ken Park) new film is a combination of Girls Gone Wild meets The Witches of Eastwick and a bad student film remake of Scarface.  Korine’s frenetic directorial style never holds a shot for longer then a few seconds, includes an unnecessary amount of montages and excludes any moments of real honesty.

Featuring lots of beer, boobs, and coke (apparently people still do coke), Korine weaves a tale that is hard to empathize with simply because no one in the film is likable.  Child movie stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are among a group of girls looking for some adventure in their boring college lives, but after about 20 minutes of the film their brattiness becomes very tiresome.

The arrival of James Franco’s “Alien”-a lovable yet somewhat creepy street hustler- heightens the film and provides the female leads with some sense of purpose.  However, even Franco’s character ultimately becomes unsympathetic and one-note.

Even Franco's Fascinating Performance Can't Save This Film from "Meh-ness"

Even Franco’s Fascinating Performance Can’t Save This Film from “Meh-ness”

The film industry today suffers from a lack of compelling storytelling.  Normally, the independent film market is the place to seek shelter from the typically mindless Hollywood flick.  Unfortunately, the technical flaws of Spring Breakers outweigh everything else.

Bottom Line: Skip it.

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