Wachowskis Take the Red Pill, Join Netflix

Building off the success of House of Cards, digital network Netflix has tapped Andy and Lana Wachowski to helm a new sci-fi series entitled “Sense8“. Many of you will remember the Wachowskis for their famous mega-hit The Matrix.

Many of you will also remember that the sequels to The Matrix were pretty lackluster. While the Wachowskis can shoot the crap out of a movie, and are undisputed VFX masters, their screenwriting track record-excluding the original Matrix, of course-isn’t so strong.

Enter Joe Straczynski. You might not recognize him by name, but there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll recognize some of his work:

By putting Joe at the typewriter (fine…computer) and the Wachowskis behind the camera, Netflix has given TV fans yet another reason to pony up that $7.99. Finally, The Matrix may have a worthy sequel.

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