Speaker John Boehner Endorses Mark Sanford in Special Election

The race for South Carolina’s First Congressional District became more interesting today when House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) endorsed the GOP nominee and former SC Governor Mark Sanford. The heavy endorsement from the Speaker may be what the Sanford campaign needs to open the floodgates for future endorsements.

In a statement from Boehner’s office (as first reported by The Hill):

“This election offers the voters of South Carolina’s First Congressional District a clear choice between a Republican who will work to reduce spending, balance the budget and grow the economy, and a Democrat who will stand with President Obama’s policies that are making it harder for people to find work…The Speaker supports our Republican nominee and knows that, if elected, Mr. Sanford will work tirelessly to help expand opportunities for all Americans.”

The former governor who left office after admitted to an extramarital affair needs all the help he can get. His opponent Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, released poll numbers earlier this month showing a slight three-point lead.


Suggested Read: Candidate Curtis Bostic is running an ad on local radio congratulating Sanford.

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  1. May 7, 2013  1:38 pm by Anne Reply

    Is he going to reduce spending by using taxpayer money to go to foreign countries to frolic in adultery. when will he tire of his new honey? How will he face his children by minimizing what he did to their mother?

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