“Goofball” Joe Flacco Cast As Jonny Unitas

John Unitas Jr. has some strong feelings regarding the upcoming movie about his father - a film being produced by his half brother Joe - and said what we are all thinking whenever we see Joe Flacco sans helmet:

John Unitas Jr. called Flacco a “goofball” in comments about the movie to USA Today Sports on Sunday and said he is considering taking legal action if Joe Unitas makes any profits from his father’s name. Unitas’ second wife, Sandra, unsuccessfully sued John Unitas Jr. in the past for control of Unitas Management Corp., which controls the rights to Johnny Unitas’ name.

“If you want a quarterback, go with Peyton Manning,” he told USA Today Sports. “My father was just like that. This is a joke.”

His son, J.C., ripped Flacco’s casting in a post on his Facebook page, writing that it is an “embarrassing choice,” according to USA Today.

According to USA Today, J.C. Unitas wrote: “My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it. Has Baltimore forgotten that Trent Dilfer also won a Super Bowl while playing for Baltimore?”

Ouch! Pulling out the Trent Dilfer card? Talk about hitting below the belt.

Flacco Responds: