Injuries are reported in Boston where two explosions apparently occurred today in a spectator area near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon. TV news footage showed a panic-stricken stampede after the blasts; at least four people have been hospitalized. Federal authorities are reported to be en route.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that at least three people were killed. Massachusetts General Hospital is reportedly treating four injuries. Officials are locking down the nearby Lenox Hotel. An employee there says he had to tie his apron around a woman’s severed limb. Multiple victims were seen bleeding, missing limbs.

ViralRead contributors are liveblogging the latest news below.

UPDATE II: CNN reports that Boston Police have confirmed that two people were killed and 23 injured by the explosion in Copley Square.

UPDATE III: Early headlines (via Memeorandum) highlight the confusion in the immediate aftermath of this incident:

12 dead, nearly 50 injured after
2 explosions rock Boston Marathon,
law enforcement sources confirm

- New York Post

Many Injured in Blasts Near End of Boston Marathon
- New York Times

Multiple casualties reported
after two explosions at Boston Marathon

- Fox News

The social media news site Twitchy quickly aggregated early reports from the scene. CNN says police sources have now updated the total casualties to two dead, 28 injured.

UPDATE IV: In a press conference, the Boston Police commissioner confirmed that the injuries were caused by two “explosive devices” - i.e., bombs — and that another blast occurred at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, which police are treating as a related event. CNN has now increased the reported number of those injured in the blasts to 49.

UPDATE V: Reports of another explosion at the JFK Library were inaccurate, CNN reports, citing police sources. Meanwhile, the number of reported injuries has increased to more than 100. Reports cited at a Boston Globe liveblog say that many of those treated at hospitals have undergone amputations. The Boston Globe also provided this video of the explosion:

UPDATE VI: Veteran blogger Glenn Reynolds cautions about early news accounts:

Based on past experience, at least half of what you’re hearing about Boston this afternoon will turn out to be wrong by tomorrow. And journalists/pundits: Try not to speculate in the absence of data. You don’t know anything either.

Reynolds links to other accounts.

UPDATE VII: Multiple news organizations are now reporting that one of those killed in the bombings was an 8-year-old child. The bombs inflicted severe injuries to those wounded, USA Today reports:

Bloodied spectators were carried to a medical tent intended for runners. Several of the injured had lost limbs, and at least one police officer was hurt.
“Somebody’s leg flew by my head. I gave my belt to stop the blood,” spectator John Ross told The Boston Herald.
Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 19 victims, spokeswoman Susan McGreevey said. Six were in surgery in critical condition, four of whom had their legs were cut off by the force of the explosion.
Tufts New England Medical Center had nine patients “and we’re expecting more,” said spokeswoman Julie Jette. Brigham and Women’s Hospital reporting they have 18 to 20 injured from the explosions, two critical.

UPDATE VIII: ABC News reports:

Police said that two people were killed. At least 99 were taken to hospitals with injuries, including some which have been described as amputations and severe burns.
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis declined to say whether he thought the devices were acts of terrorism, but said, “You can reach your own conclusion based on what happened.” …
According to law enforcement sources, the first bomb exploded at the Marathon Sports running store, and blew out windows in four nearby buildings, injuring 15 to 20 individuals. The second blast occurred about 50 to 100 yards away, severely injuring more bystanders, Davis said. …
One witness described the scene as being like a “warzone,” while a doctor who was standing nearby said he immediately started treating people with severe leg injuries.
“Six or so people went down right away on my left, mostly with leg injuries. One gentleman had both legs below the knee blown off,” Dr. Allan Panter, a physician who witnessed the event, told ABC News

UPDATE IX: At a 7:30 p.m. press conference, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said, “At least three people have died.” David also denied press reports that a suspect is in custody at a hospital.


Jeff Gurner April 15, 20138:41 pm

Stunning First-Hand Account of Boston Marathon Bombing From Redditor 99trumpets:

Robert Stacy McCain April 15, 20137:32 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20136:21 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20136:19 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20136:15 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 15, 20136:06 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:41 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:39 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:26 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:23 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20135:21 pm

Frightening Boston Globe video of explosion

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:20 pm

Map of explosions via Washington Post.

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:20 pm

Compassion in tragedy.

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:18 pm

Photo: 2 hours later.

Becca Lower April 15, 20135:17 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:15 pm

Nathan Martin April 15, 20135:02 pm

2nd Explosion

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20135:00 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:58 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:57 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:56 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:55 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:55 pm

RT @stackiii: Hard to see but windows of Starbucks and Forum blown out.

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:53 pm

My thoughts and prayers go out to the runners, their families, and the City of Boston. Scott P. Brown

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:48 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:45 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:44 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:44 pm

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:43 pm

“Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds. ”


Nathan Martin April 15, 20134:42 pm

Jeff Gurner April 15, 20134:42 pm

Vine Video of Marathon Explosion:

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:38 pm

From Imgur: “From where I’m sitting, Boston right now looks pretty normal. BUT. IT’S. NOT. Donate blood to the Red Cross, people. You’ll regenerate blood; victims can’t regenerate limbs.”

Becca Lower April 15, 20134:37 pm

@jimacostacnn: RT @mviser “This is a horrific day in Boston,” Deval Patrick says. “My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been injured.”

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:36 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:35 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:34 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:32 pm

Nathan Martin April 15, 20134:32 pm

Vine Video of Explosions

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:22 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:18 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:17 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:16 pm

Ali A. Akbar April 15, 20134:16 pm

White House going through proper protocols; Heighten security.

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:13 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:13 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20134:02 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20133:59 pm

Explosion footage:

Nathan Martin April 15, 20133:58 pm

Nathan Martin April 15, 20133:55 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20133:55 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20133:52 pm

Nathan Martin April 15, 20133:50 pm

Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20133:45 pm

Ambulances have arrived on scene:

Nathan Martin April 15, 20133:42 pm


Jeremiah Martin April 15, 20133:41 pm

New images coming in of the horrific results.

Nathan Martin April 15, 20133:40 pm

The Boston Marathon Live Cam


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    Purported video of second explosion

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