Former New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi Carries Boston Marathon Survivor To Safety


Former New England Patriot and three time Superbowl winner Joe Andruzzi - who now runs a charity foundation that is heavily involved with the Boston Marathon - helped carry survivors to safety after two explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

From Yahoo

And as you would expect from a man whose three brothers were all first responders as New York City firefighters during the 9/11 tragedy, Andruzzi flew into action by helping those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. As you can see in the picture above, he was involved in carrying those who needed help away from the scene so that they could receive medical attention. You can see a brief video of Andruzzi coming to the woman’s aid here. She’s clearly injured and is struggling to right herself, those around here are calling for help, and Andruzzi rushes to the rescue.