Weiner Continues Signaling Comeback Attempt

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner has once again telegraphed that he may run for mayor of New York City this year, re-issuing a booklet outlining his policy ideas, the New York Times reports:

As he seeks to extend the discussion about a possible candidacy for mayor — and shift attention away from the online sex-messaging scandal that cost him his Congressional seat — Anthony D. Weiner released a 21-page policy booklet on Sunday that he described as a blueprint for keeping New York City “the capital of the middle class.”
The document, named “Keys to the City,” was largely drawn from a booklet of the same title, theme, and format that he distributed five years ago, in anticipation of a mayoral bid in 2009 that he later abandoned.

The New York Times has attempted to assist Weiner’s political rehabilitation, publishing an 8,000-word profile feature about the Democrat who resigned in June 2011 after he was caught sending photos of his bulging underwear to women via Twitter. That article in Sunday’s New York Times magazine was denounced by popular conservative blogger Ace of Spades as “a deliberate lie from start to finish” because of how the story by Jonathan Van Meter obscured the role of the late Andrew Breitbart in exposing Weiner. Breitbart.com was the first news organization to report on the so-called “WeinerGate” scandal. Van Meter’s article disparages Breitbart as a “not entirely reputable right-wing blogger.” Monday, Breitbart.com featured on its front page a lengthy account of WeinerGate excerpted from Andrew Breitbart’s book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World.