EXCLUSIVE: Mark Sanford’s Staff Blindsided (Again) By Revelations of Trespassing Complaint

Mark Sanford‘s campaign staff did not get warning that he was in trouble… again.

Sources close to the campaign tell ViralRead that the former Governor did not notify key campaign staff ahead of yesterday’s revelation that he must appear in court on charges that he trespassed at his ex-wife’s house. This is the second time a scandal has side-swiped his staff.

Flashback: Joel Sawyer, Sanford’s Communications Director, Resigns - Huffington Post

It’s worth pointing out that Joel Sawyer quit after being blind-sided when Sanford was Governor. Now he’s working for his campaign and it’s likely he wasn’t informed of Sanford’s latest “hike.”

This highlights the political arguments many national conservatives were making during the GOP run-off.

Should the Republican win, will he be able to swear-in right away to restore constitutional representation to the South Carolina’s 1st District?

Will the former governor’s opponent, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, be able to take advantage of her opponent’s missteps, and win in a reliably Republican district? Or will her own missteps, and her transparent move to the center create distrust in her that even Sanford can overcome?

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