Hogwarts Coming to Los Angeles?!

Hold on to your broomsticks people, a new Harry Potter theme park is coming to Los Angeles!

No more waiting for those letters to come in the mail welcoming us to Hogwarts! NBCUniversal announced that “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park will be a part of its 25-year Evolution Plan. According to Variety, the plan focuses on expansion for Universal Studios while at the same time creating 30,000 jobs and generating $2 billion for the region.

image via digitaljournal.com

While construction on the park has yet to begin, NBCUniversal says that it will be ready to open to the public in 2015.

Are you as excited as all of us at ViralRead to take a stroll down Diagon Alley or have some butterbeer at The Leaky Cauldron?!

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