HOLY SMOKE! Two-Pound Joint Confiscated By Police

April 20 has come and gone, and another pot holiday has concluded. Sadly, for a few tokers, it was one of government intrusion. Most of the time, there’s so many people smoking that police are around to ensure everyone’s safety. Law enforcement won’t arrest thousands of people, and the paperwork alone would divert resources from more pressing matters. Then again, when you set up a booth, as this person allegedly did, and display a two-pound joint, it tends to get the attention of law enforcement – and it did.

At UC Santa Cruz, police officers confiscated the joint, which elicited the disapproval of the supposed owner. “Dude. We’re going to court, man. We’re totally going to court,” said the alleged maker, but regardless of how you feel about the war on drugs – it’s amusing.



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