Squirm-worthy: Umpire Takes 91-mph Heater to his Boys

Gentlemen, commence cringing. MLB umpire John Hirschbeck, calling a game between the Texas Rangers and the Anaheim Angels, reminded us all why the protective cup was invented.

Nick Maronde fired a 91-mph fastball that nicked catcher Chris Ianetta‘s glove and ricocheted right up into Hirshbeck’s…um…ball-bag. The unlucky umpire immediately crumpled to the ground, writhing in pain. After a short delay, however, Hirschbeck was able to regain his form and return to his post behind the plate.

Additional footage after the incident shows Hirschbeck calling a pitch-perfect game.

It’s likely that Hirschbeck included Charles Bennet, the inventor of the cup, in his prayers that night…