Exclusive: Newly Uncovered Video Shot By Boston Bomber May Have Signaled Jihad Ahead of Time. . .

In a video uploaded by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in February that has recently been discovered, Tsarnaev is seen playing with his niece. Noticeably, in the last few seconds of the video you catch partial glimpses of an item on Tsarnaev’s wall. Was this an item noticed by his roommates? How long was it on his wall?

Here’s that video again:

At first glance it appears to be what is known as a “Black Flag of Jihad.”

Here’s a screenshot of the video with what appears to be the flag on the wall:

Not being an image matching expert, it’s hard to find the point of similarity. However, it does appear to be a black flag, with Arabic writing. The Tsarnaev brothers are Caucasians. With parents who fled Chechnya, because of terrorism and war, the brothers might have also identified with this flag:

A black flag reportedly used by Caucasian jihadists in 2002 displays the phrase al-jihad fi sabilillah above the takbir and two crossed swords.

Tsarnaev’s roommates have been arrested on immigration charges. It’s likely the FBI is assessing their knowledge of symbols of jihad.

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