Jeff Baumann Opens Boston Bruins Game Waving Boston Strong Flag (VIDEO)

This evening’s Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup playoff game received a special treat. Boston Marathon bombing victim (and hero) Jeff Baumann Jr. was dubbed the Honorary Fan Banner Captain for Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series. Baumann is one of the many victims that captured the world’s attention, in part because of the graphic photo showing him being aided by 2 emergency workers, while hero bystander Carlos Arredondo is seen pinching Bauman’s femoral artery closed, helping stop the bleeding.

Boston Bruins’ tweeted the following Instagram picture of Baumann, now a double-amputee, waving a flag that, in the wake of the tragedy has become an international motto, “Boston Strong.”

We could all afford his courage.

Here’s the touching video from NESN.

Twitchy has the Twitter reaction wrap-up.

In a statement, Baumann said, “I want to thank everyone for their amazing support for me and all those injured and their families. I’m making great progress and I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Please continue to respect our space at this time. I want to thank the Bruins players and organization for the generosity and support for all those impacted. Like all those in Black and Gold I can’t wait to see them on another quest for the cup. Go Bruins!”

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  1. May 4, 2013  10:18 pm by Doug Welch Reply

    That is just awesome

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