Dogs and Their Useless Talents (Except for Fetching Beer!)

Dogs have been considered “Man’s Best Friend” for a long time (before the iPhone, that is). Dogs are a part of our families (unlike those evil cats or those weird rabbits). They welcome us when we walk in the door with unselfish love that none of us deserve. And adjust to our moods and comfort us in hard times.  But that’s not all. Some dogs have some unique talents, such as:

Standing on a Fire Hydrant


It is not much of a talent, but it’s probably a good way to pick up some girls.

Helping You With Your Email


It would be nice if I could get a dog to write my posts. Probably would not have as many typos.

Guarding a Tree


Come on. You would not want your trees to run away. Also, if your dog doesn’t pee on your tree, then who will? Some strange creepy cat-mutated-into-a-dog creature?

Keeping Your Sandals Warm


Who wants to put on cold sandals?



Maybe not a talent per se, but interesting.

But this dog has got to take the cake for the best talent:

Getting You a Beer

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