Best Kiss Cam Moments from Sporting Events

Recently, a kiss cam moment at a Fresno Grizzlies game went viral. After reaching almost 200,000 views, it appears the original video has been deleted. Although some from NPR, the LA Times, and Reddit believe it it was staged, it is still quite funny.

Here is our list of the best kiss cam moments in recent history. Some are spontaneous, some are scripted, but all are just plain hilarious.

I Love You, Beer.


The only thing this guy needs now is this dog.

Awkward for Some; Terrifying for Others


The look on that guy’s face is simply priceless.

“Here, Hold My Beer While I Rub Your Head”

Sorry bro, it was a kiss cam!

Manti Te’o Kiss Cam

manti teo

Some jokes just never die.

The Beer Juke

beer juke

“Come on, honey, it was just a joke!”

Keep up your sense of humor, America.


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