Maxim’s Hot 100: One Mysterious Beauty is ViralRead’s Favorite

Maxim has unveiled its annual Hot 100 issue - celebrating the most beautiful women in the world. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Rhianna rounded out this year’s top 3, but it’s a lovely lady from the world of sports coming in at #69 who really has our heads turning:

Manti Teo’s Fake Girlfriend:

Awww yeeeeah.

Keep your Mila Kunis, your Katie Perry and your Jennifer Lawrence. We’ll take Manti’s Fake GF over all of ‘em. Teo was drafted by the San Diego Chargers which puts him smack in the middle of pretty much year-round bikini weather. So we imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of this flawless beauty gallivanting around the beach. We can only imagine:


Oh man we can’t wait. And you know — if the Chargers win the super bowl, they get a trip to the White House to meet President Obama. If Te’o brings her along, we expect some stunning photos of Fake GF with the President on the East Lawn.

Joke credit: Clint Eastwood. Thanks Clint.



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