Bachmann: ‘I Will Not Seek a Fifth Congressional Term’

In a YouTube message to her supporters which resembles a campaign ad, Rep. Michele Bachmann announced early Wednesday morning that she will not run for a fifth term to represent Minnesota’s 5th District in the U.S. Congress:

Bachmann, a favorite of both the Tea Party movement and the religious right, claimed that eight years is sufficient for her to serve in Congress since presidents are only allowed to serve that length of time. Although the Constitution does restrict presidents to two eight-year terms, it puts no limit on the number of two-year terms a member of Congress can serve.

The conservative firebrand, who had made repeal of ObamaCare her signature issue, insisted that her decision was not influenced by any concerns about getting re-elected, although in 2012 she narrowly defeated Democrat Jim Graves, who is running again in 2014. Bachmann also claimed the decision not to run was unaffected by recent inquiries into her 2012 presidential campaign.

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