‘Prisoners’ Trailer Released with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal (VIDEO)

Warner Bros. released the trailer today for Prisoners, a film that has been long in the making. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and her best friend are abducted and Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Detective Loki who is called in to search for the girls.

image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures (via imdb)

The movie gets into some pretty scary stuff, including Jackman’s character kidnapping and torturing Alex Jones, the man he believes committed the crime (played by Paul Dano in mega creepy mode… remember him as the emo kid in Little Miss Sunshine? Yeah, this is a bajillion times worse).

“The movie doesn’t condone violence,” says Gyllenhaal. “But at that same time it’s so relatable to need to solve the situation yourself as a parent, taking things into your own hands.”

It’s a feeling that Jackman, a parent to two children, can relate to. Even thinking about the concept of a child going missing causes a physically powerful reaction inside of him.

“As a parent, you immediately feel sick to your stomach at the thought of it. It’s so devastating when that happens. And so unnatural,” says Jackman. “That normal desire to protect is so strong. When a child goes missing like that, it’s almost too much to bear.”

“I am not someone who feels the end justifies the means,” he adds. “But then again, when it comes to my child, I might feel differently.” (via USA Today)

Jackman and Gyllenhaal are supported by a phenomenal cast with Maria Bello as Dover’s wife, Terrance Howard and Viola Davis as the parents of the other little girl who gets taken, as well as the fantastic Melissa Leo as Alex Jones’ Aunt Holly.

Check out the trailer: