Heat Burn Distracted Pacers


Yes, the media can be annoying. Yes, after a hard fought win emotions can still be running high. Yes, an appearance of confidence and toughness could aid your team going into a massive game 7.  However, you cannot, under any circumstances, say something so stupid that it will cost your team. Roy Hibbert now knows this.

Instead of prepping for the biggest game of his career, Hibbert was apologizing for press conference comments that he sputtered after the Indiana Pacers Game 6 victory of the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs. Team Distraction?

When trying to knock off the defending champs, everything needs to be going the right way, and unfortunately, Hibbert’s comments threw a huge, unnecessary road block in the Pacers’ path. It turned out to be a road block that was insurmountable. The Pacers were never in the game last night.  Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen, all had good nights, while Paul George, Hibbert, and the rest of the Pacers stumbled early and often.


The Heat took advantage of almost every Pacer turnover, missed free-throw and foul committed. The most impressive bucket was a first half dunk by James where his head was literally even with the rim. Ray Allen stretched the gap early with timely 3-point shooting, and the Heat never looked back. George and Hibbert would battle foul trouble the entire night and the Pacers ended up losing both the turnover and free throw battles as well.

The Heat move on to meet the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals which will begin on June 6th, 9pm in Miami.  As for the Pacers, hopefully a lesson is learned and the time till the next season fuels a redemption run.


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