RDJ Just Gets More and More Awesome

The most recent installment of his Iron Man franchise tackled the inner dilemma faced by many a superhero: just who is the man inside the suit? This week, Robert Downey Jr. discovered that one fan’s response to that question is, “Meh.”


courtesy dailymail.co.uk


One-and-a-half year old Massachusetts boy Jaxson Denno was told by his mother that he was meeting Iron Man. But when RDJ appeared sans suit, Jaxson was not having it. RDJ endured the flood of tears, though, and stuck around to talk to the kid and take a picture. Jaxson finally recovered-but revealed his true superhero allegiance. AWKWARD.


courtesy dailymail.co.uk

It’s all just evidence that the world is a better place with RDJ in it.  I mean, we’re still swooning over this.

Are we sure he’s not a superhero?


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