After Opening Statements, Judge Stalls Ruling on Zimmerman’s 9-11 Call

In the opening statements of the Zimmerman trial, jurors were met with two different extremes. The prosecutor’s statement was laced with profanity, claiming it was George Zimmerman’s own words, while the defender told a knock knock joke.

Prosecutors of the case are pushing hard to have a recording of the phone call Zimmerman made to cops to report suspicious behavior admitted as evidence. They see this as essential to help determine his state of mind at the time of the shooting that claimed the life of 17-year Trayvon Martin in Florida last year.

The defense, on the other hand, views these tapes as “irrelevant” to what actually happened. Zimmerman’s defense is pleading not guilty, claiming that Martin was assaulting him at the time of the incident and that he only acted in self-defense.

An interesting beginning to what will definitely be a long and polarizing trial.

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