Largest Shark Ever Caught in British Waters

It seems that this year is the year of the Shark. We had Sharknado that was all the buzz on the SyFy Channel earlier this year.

Sharknado was a fantasy that was unbelievable, but coming from Britain is a fish story that is unbelievable but not fantasy.

Wayne Comben, 46, Caught a shark off coast of Great Britain along with his friend Graeme Pullen.

The biggest shark ever caught in British waters has been reeled in by a top angler – but only after the thrashing 14ft beast dragged his dinghy four miles out to sea.

Wayne Comben, 46, battled for two hours to pull in the thresher shark, which was almost as big as his 17ft boat.

Along with pal Graeme Pullen, 61, he repeatedly tried to lift it on board, but the fishermen were nearly dragged in to the water by the monster catch.

Graeme said: “We went out looking for a thresher shark thinking we’d be lucky to get one at all.

“We placed a chum bait in the water and then after two hours there was a screaming from Wayne’s reel.”

In scenes reminiscent of movie Jaws’ famous line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”, the pair quickly spotted the beast was going to be a huge challenge.

Graeme said: “It was too dangerous to the boat to anchor, otherwise it could have capsized. The shark towed us about four miles to the south east.

“It took two hours to reel it towards the boat and in that time it jumped out of the water three times. Wayne was very tired by the end and had blisters on his thumbs.”


You can watch the video of Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen reeling in this shark here



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