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CREW Adds Sen. Menendez to “Under Investigation” List

The Daily Caller is reporting that late yesterday, Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (CREW) added the embattled Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to its list of “Under Investigation”. CREW notes that the Senator is under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee for “accepting gifts from a donor who flew him to the Dominican Republic on [...]

Conservative Filmmakers Raise Money To Hug Michael Moore. . .

Michael Moore, who famously stalked General Motors’ then-CEO, Roger Smith, in his first film, is himself the subject of a new documentary whose makers are seeking funding through The film will explore the differences between Moore’s repudiation of capitalism and “the 1%” and Moore’s own lifestyle. FTR Media and Get Over Yourself Productions have [...]

Fox News Drops Dick Morris

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Long time Fox News contributor and former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris, who infamously predicted a Mitt Romney landslide victory over President Obama just two days before the November election, has not been renewed by the network. Morris tweeted that he would be appearing on CNN’s Piers [...]

Former Menendez Aide May Benefit From Foreign Business Deal Backed by Senator

The Miami Herald is reporting that a former Senator Menendez aide by the name of Pablo Pedro Permuy stands to benefit should the ICSSI port security contract be approved. ICSSI is a security company that Dr. Salamon Melgen (a top donor to the Senator and currently under FBI investigations) acquired back in 2006. The company would provide security measures and checkpoints along [...]

Menendez Scandal: Viral Read Gets Deleted Voxxi Article Restored (UPDATE: DELETED Again)

There’s a lot of moving parts, so stay with me here. Senator Menendez has a prostitute problem… allegedly. They’re being provided for him by Dr. Salomon Melgen… again, allegedly. Dr. Melgen owns homes in Florida and the Dominican Republic; also doing business in both. He co-founded a digital magazine called Voxxi. Voxxi released a stringent defense of [...]


Via Reuters, early this morning – A western diplomat has confirmed an Israeli air strike on the Syrian-Lebanon border. As the unrest continues in Syria, Israel has become increasingly alarmed over the country’s stockpile of chemical and conventional weapons. Developing…

Major Media Shake-Up at CNN

The Jeff Zucker era at CNN seems to have shifted into overdrive today, with longtime commentators Bill Bennett, Mary Matalin & James Carville, and Red State's Erick Erickson (along with an executive vice president) parting ways with the network. Also announced today was a new pairing: ABC's Chris Cuomo and CNN primetime host Erin Burnett [...]

Only in New York: Radio Personality Mike Francesa Gets Police Escort to the Airport (VIDEO)

Mike Francesa, of WFAN radio in NYC, got a police escort to LaGuardia Airport today for his flight to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. WFAN is the flagship radio station of four Tri-State area professional sports franchises: the New York Mets, the New York Giants, the New Jersey Devils, and the Brooklyn Nets. Unlike [...]