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Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars: WOAH.

Jennifer Aniston made an appearance tonight at the Oscars and although she tends to be on the “best dressed” list every year, this year she deserves the number one spot. Tonight she was escorted by her fiancé, Justin Theroux. This year she wore a stunning red Valentino gown. More images of Aniston can be seen here.

Fergie Tweets #MyLovelyBabyBump

Black Eyed Peas lead singer, Fergie, was thrilled to announce today via twitter that she is pregnant. Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump… — Fergie (@Fergie) February 18, 2013 Her husband, Josh Duhamel followed his wife’s lead by confirming the big news on twitter. What a week! #SafeHaven premiered, I’m going to be a dad & 400k are following me. Great moment in my life. Glad […]

Piers Morgan Shares TMI

Broadcaster Piers Morgan told TV Magazine it all last week, literally.  He shared many details about the weird thing his fans do for him, including sending their underwear to him in the mail. A fan also was convinced he was her husband, booking dozens of flights to show up at his office.  At one point, she asked what he would like for dinner.  He was joking for most of the […]

The Kardashian Saga Continues...

The “he said, she said” drama of reality star Kim Kardashian and Nets player Kris Humphries continues this week as Kim moved to set an official court date to finalize their 72 day marriage. Humphries released that he is not available due to his pressing basketball schedule.  It has been rumored that he is pushing off the court appearance out of anger, as Kim is now pregnant with Kanye West’s […]

Ashley Judd Gets No Dem Love

Although Actress Ashley Judd has been creeping her way into the DC political scene, she definitely has not been welcomed with open arms. Over the past few months, Judd has expressed interest in a potential 2014 run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Judd seems to have a case of talking too big for things that are too small, as she has not launched any official campaign. One of Judd’s […]