Voxxi Defends Co-Founder Dr. Salomon Melgen, Drug Cartels and the Vinicio Castillo Semán Connection (Update: Voxxi DELETES Article) (Update: Republishes)

Voxxi, a Latin American digital media organization co-founded by Dr. Salomon Melgen has released a post defending the “dignity” of Dr. Melgen. Melgen, whose office was recently raided by the FBI, is at the center of an ongoing investigation that includes U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D – New Jersey). The two are suspected of participating [...]

My Top Super Bowl Commercials

At my house during the Super Bowl, everyone talks during the game and hushes during the commercials because, as we all know, we’re probably more excited about seeing those than the actual game.  Below are a few of my favorite commercials. Hyundai’s “Team.” Aside from the fact that this commercial is simply adorable– what’s cuter [...]

What Internet Laughter Actually Looks Like

Studies conducted by our friends at The Doghouse Diaries reveal what it actually means when someone replies that they are laughing at your previous text. And, for some of our not so savvy internet users, LOL does not mean “Lots of Love.” Just remember that before sending any heartbreaking news to your families…

The Tragic Death of an American Hero

The tragic murder of American war hero and ex-Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle and his companion Chris Littlefield at the hands of 25 year old ex-marine, Eddie Ray Routh, who may have been suffering from PTSD, is devastatingly sad. But this sad story is not ideologic in nature, and it shouldn’t be exploited as a political chess-piece. [...]

Profile: Alicia Menendez

  Alicia Menendez, daughter and campaign adviser to embattled New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, graduated from Harvard College in 2005, with an honors degree in Studies in Women, Gender and Sexuality. Her senior honors thesis, entitled “To Whom Many Doors are Still Locked: Gender, Space and Power in Harvard Final Clubs” which “used ethnographic research [...]

An Unlikely Super Bowl Endorsement?

Politics and sports have certain parallels. You have an offense and a defense, fair-weather fans and those bad calls by the refs. You could read the following prediction by former presidential candidate and Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum for hidden meanings. But there’s no need to. As a life-long Bengals fan, I understand why a Steelers [...]

Top 5 Banned Super Bowl Ads! (NSFW)

Every year businesses want to make a splash with their Super Bowl ads. Every year some businesses get turned down. Here at viral read, we give people what they want…even if CBS won’t. Be warned, some of this is NSFW. 1. Rolling Rock: Remember Your Cup (My personal favorite) 2. Bud Light: Apology Robot 3. PETA: [...]

Puppy Bowl IX Was Epic

Since 2004, Animal Planet has hosted what has effectively become the Super Bowl’s pregame: The Puppy Bowl. Pitting various puppies against each other in an adorable battle (also featuring hedgehog cheerleaders and a halftime “show” with adorable kittens) for Puppy Bowl glory, the game also serves as a vehicle for promoting animal adoption. All of [...]

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