Congressman Paul Broun’s Almost Positive He’s Not Thinking About Running for U.S. Senate, He Thinks…

It’s no secret that Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, (#Taxby, as he is known in many circles), has giant crosshairs on his back looking ahead to the 2014 Republican primary. There have been silly rumors of an Erick Erickson, Karen Handel, Congressman Tom Price, and even Herman Cain jumping into this race to knock out [...]

Candidate for Lt. Gov. in Virginia Sends Out Unconventional Email About Ill Mother

Pete Snyder is currently running for Lutientient Governor in Virginia. He sent an email out that is causing GOP activists to take a second look. This email could be taken as too personal, taking advantage of a horrible situation for political gain, or conveying the purity that comes with a loving mother. The reader should decide. [...]

Best Twitter Reactions to BuzzFeed Employee Tweeting Gay Group, “Suck My D*ck”

It was the tweet heard ’round the world. BuzzFeed Senior Copywriter, Josh Fjelstad, vulgarly tweeted for a gay conservative Republican group to “suck his dick.” Fjelstad dug his heels in then later deleting the tweet. BuzzFeed employees should know that scrubbing the internet and not apologizing only makes it worse. We decided to round up [...]

Picture of Booty Lady Getting Abortion is Fake

This picture is going around. User @JasonPociask retweeted it adding, “this is real.” Whatever your position on babies, life, God, and a woman’s choice — the picture should break your heart. It’s fake though. We found the picture elsewhere with different captions and at earlier dates than January 15th. Links here and here for example. It looked like a [...]

Speaker Boehner Pushes Senate Democrats to Pass Budget via Infographic

Speaker of the House, John Boehner‘s office is no stranger to infographics and other popular methods of pushing their message on the digital medium. Continuing their #NoBudgetNoPay push, they have a nifty infographic. The graphic posted to Flickr comes with the caption: Will Senate Democrats Ever Pass a Budget? The last time Senate Democrats passed [...]

South Carolina Democratic Congressional Candidate’s “America’s Most Wanted” Ex-Husband: Robert Walker Legare

South Carolina’s First Congressional District is losing Republican Tim Scott to the United States Senate. He is currently America’s only African-American Senator and South Carolina is now the only state represented by two unmarried Senators. However, that is the least of the state’s unique political landscape. Famed comedian Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, is entering the [...]

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