Editor Calls Out “Bully” Piers Morgan in Gun Debate

Conservatives on Twitter rallied around Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro as he gave a calm defense for his position supporting the 2nd Amendment. This was in contrast to the Piers Morgan-Alex Jones battle royale that had been making it’s viral way around the globe. Shapiro launched into Morgan early, “What you tend to do is you [...]

Video: We Wish We Had AJ’s Girl

You’re not the only one that wishes you dated AJ McCarron‘s girlfriend … Katherine Webb has ESPN announcer Brent Musburger to thank for her new found 15 minutes of fame. From a talk show appearance to a  Sports Illustrated photo shoot, people can’t seem to get enough of her. Now there’s even a YouTube parody of Rick Springfield’s famous song [...]

Kevorkian Lawyer Equates Right To Work to Slavery

You probably missed this. In the midst of Michigan’s recent “Right To Work” debate, stories circulated on this site and others of union thugs attacking reporters, knocking over tents owned by Americans for Prosperity, and other dubious encounters. Less reported though was the war waged on Michigan’s airwaves against Governor Rick Snyder and the GOP [...]

[UPDATED] Possible Union Official Who Sucker Punched Steven Crowder Owes $6,500 in Charges

Editor’s Note: Tony Cummings was not the man who punched conservative comedian Steven Crowder.   UPDATE: Another Tony Cummings was discovered who had an arrest date similar to that discussed in this post.   @Llondo is also claiming to have discovered who the man was (but didn’t release the information publicly), and has tweeted that the man’s name [...]

The Akin Effect

Rasmussen has a headline that managed to shock both sides. It reads, “54% Are Pro-Choice, 38% Pro-Life.” AllahPundit has more at HotAir, noting the August spike. Consider this the Todd Akin Effect. If killing babies wasn’t his goal, he sure did a lot to help fuel the opposition making that happen. Hearts and minds matter [...]

A Plea to Speaker John Boehner

Speaker Boehner, America is standing on a stool with a noose around her neck. And Obama is kicking the stool. For the next two years, you’re the only man who can stop him. We have to spend less. This is not an abstract concept. This is not a political statement. This isn’t last time. This is math. [...]

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