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Alabama State Legislator E-Mails Epic Racist Rant

Alabama state Rep. Joseph Mitchell (D-Mobile) obviously had a lot of pent up frustration when a citizen sent a pro-Second Amendment e-mail to, well, practically every member of the state legislature. As first reported by Yellow Hammer Politics, the Democrat e-mailed them the whole e-mail chain. You can view it HERE Many were shocked by Mitchell’s initial response to a man named Eddie Maxwell:   And yes … it is […]

AUDIO: Homeowner Warns 911 Dispatcher, Shoots Intruder While Waiting For Police

A Ponca City, Ok man called 911 because someone was trying to break into his house. As he waited for police to arrive, he warned the 911 dispatcher that if the intruder got in he wouldn’t hesitate to use deadly force. “You better get these *expletive* here or they will die,” he told the dispatcher. When the police failed to arrive in time, and the intruder kicked the door in, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Gayle Trotter on a Woman's Right to Choose (A Firearm)

“Not all women are going to choose to have a gun to defend themselves, but they should be able to have that choice, to have that essential liberty to defend themselves.” Gayle Trotter didn’t set out to be the voice of a woman’s right to choose.  The Washington, DC- based attorney and mother of six has a “special interest in Constitutional law and the liberties that were so costly obtained […]