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PHOTO: Boston Suspect Places Backpack Bomb Next to 8-Year-Old Boy Who Was Killed in Blast

The death of 8-year-old Martin Richard in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing was one of the most heartbreaking results of the attack that shocked the nation. Now, heartbreak turns to rage. Megyn Kelly of Fox News said Thursday on Twitter that her colleague Rick Leventhal reported that the FBI had a photo of one of the suspects — the one in the white cap, identified by the FBI as “Suspect 2″ [...]

Martin Richard, 8, Victim of Boston Marathon Bombing

A boy from Dorchester, Mass., was killed Monday by one of two bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon. Martin Richard, 8, had accompanied his parents and sister to watch the finish of the annual race near Boston’s Copley Square. Martin was killed by the blast, while his 7-year-old sister, Jane, suffered a severe leg injury. Martin’s mother was also injured in the bombing, Bill Richard said in a statement: “My [...]