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Blogger Catches AP Inserting “Assault Rifle” into Alabama Hostage Story

Within less than twenty-four hours, the Associated Press changed its mind three times about what kind of weapon Jimmy Lee Dykes, the Alabama man thought to be holding a five-year-old boy hostage in his homemade, underground bunker, used to terrorize his neighbors. Yesterday, blogger Bob Owens grabbed a screen cap of the story: Yes, the [...]

Sen. Feinstein Proposes Ban on Scary Looking Guns

Senator Dianne Feinstein surrounded herself with weapons about which she knows nothing, people about which she cares not, and a subject matter that she has successfully distorted for countless millions of unsuspecting Americans. She created a media circus to introduce legislation that will ban the manufacture, sale or import of more than 150 conveniently mistermed [...]

Chicago Police Chief says Warm Weather is to Blame for Increased Murder Rate

This time it’s really isn’t the gun’s fault. It’s not even the perpetrator’s fault. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is blaming the weather for the recent increase in gun related deaths and gang violence. “Nice weather will put more people on the street, which will create more opportunity for crime to occur,” said McCarthy when [...]

VP Joe Biden plans ‘Fireside Chats’ on Gun Control via Google+

When I think of Vice President Joe Biden the first thing that comes to mind is ‘edgy’, ‘young’, ‘hip’, ‘technologically savvy’. Wait… that’s not right. If anything, I think of words like ‘bimbo’, ‘old man’, ‘outdated’, and ‘loose cannon’. However, it would appear that the Vice President is making one giant leap into the 21st [...]

Breitbart.com Editor Calls Out “Bully” Piers Morgan in Gun Debate

Conservatives on Twitter rallied around Breitbart.com Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro as he gave a calm defense for his position supporting the 2nd Amendment. This was in contrast to the Piers Morgan-Alex Jones battle royale that had been making it’s viral way around the globe. Shapiro launched into Morgan early, “What you tend to do is you [...]