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Awesome: Reporter Pranks Hard-Core Fans at the NFL Draft

Remember last week when ViralRead showed you a video of a bunch of poser knuckleheads declaring their fandom for their favorite completely fabricated bands? Well wouldn’t it be awesome if some intrepid reporter took that same prank on over to the NFL Draft and its hardcore-fan brain-trust? Yes. Yes it would. And FootballNation’s Bill Enright (along with Curvin Johnson, Neil Antblow and friends) went and made it happen: So a […]

PHOTO: Ke$ha Poses Nude for Instagram Photo

Ke$ha? Nude? Probably not too surprising considering the many other odd stunts she has pulled. The 26-year-old singer posed without clothes (and without a caption) for  a picture posted to her instagram. As of this posting, the picture has almost 18 thousand “likes.” Ke$ha appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last week  and revealed some of her secrets to staying covered in glitter, including how she has hired a “glitter guy” who “makes sure I’m always covered […]

Jimmy Kimmel Skewers Coachella Posers on 'Lie-Witness News'

It’s. Just. So. Good. On Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest late-night installment of “Lie-Witness News”, his intrepid reporter interviews music fans about their favorite acts at this year’s Coachella Music Festival. The catch? The band names are all fabricated. However, that doesn’t stop these ultra-hip, modern music cognoscenti from singing the praises of such non-existing acts as “Dr. Shlomo & The G.I. Clinic”, “Shorty Jizzle & The Plumber Cracks” and of course […]