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Ed Markey Wins Senate Special Election in Massachusetts

Democrat Rep. Edward Markey was elected Tuesday to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry‘s appointment as Secretary of State. Markey got 55 percent of the vote to 45 percent for Republican newcomer Gabriel Gomez. The Massachusetts election had been viewed as a bellwether for next year’s mid-term elections.  In January 2010, Republican Scott Brown‘s upset victory in the state’s special election to fill late Sen. Ted Kennedy‘s seat […]

Boston Marathon Bombers Almost Lost Their Bomb-Filled Backpacks In Taxicab Trunk

After an awkward moment of small talk about the upcoming marathon, local cabbie Jim Duggan nearly drove away with “the most packed” backpack(s) he’d ever lifted, until the two young male passengers (the older one wearing a “black baseball cap,” and the younger one wearing a “white polo cap” from the Wrentham Mall) began banging on the back of his taxicab, The Boston Globe reports: Duggan said he stopped, popped […]

Boston Terrorists Didn't Have Gun Permits, Massachusetts Official Says

The suspected terrorists accused of bombing the Boston Marathon, killing a police officer and shooting it out with cops in the streets of Watertown did not have licenses for their guns, an official tells the Associated Press: Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas tells The Associated Press in an interview Sunday that neither Tamerlan Tsarnaev nor his brother Dzhokhar had permission to carry firearms. More than 200 rounds of ammunition were […]

Who's Who in the Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath: Part Two

Following up on our series of “Who’s Who in the Boston Marathon Bombing” to keep you informed, we present ‘Part Two’: Richard DesLauriers Richard DesLauriers heads the FBI’s investigation in Boston, coordinating efforts on the federal, state, and local level. He was appointed to the Bureau’s Boston office in 2010 by Director Robert Mueller after serving two years as deputy assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI headquarters. Just […]

From Menino to Monaco: Who's Who in the Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

Twin bombs detonated near the finish line of the beloved Boston Marathon on Monday left over 140 people injured and at least three — including a little boy — dead. The FBI heads an ongoing investigation into who planted these bombs and whether the terrorist(s) involved are foreign or domestic. Many faces, some unfamiliar to most Americans, lit up the evening news circuit in response to the attack. These are […]