ACLJ Sends Letter in Response to Brett Kimberlin

David French with the ACLJ has stepped up to defend Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club against Brett Kimberlin’s litigious tendencies.

Last week Kevin Zeese, legal counsel to Velvet Revolution, one of Kimberlin’s non-profit organizations, sent a letter titled “Document Hold Request for Potential Litigation In The Matter Of Velvet Revolution And Justice Through Music Dirty Tricks Campaign By National Bloggers Club” to Ali Akbar, Foster Friess and Stephen Friess. This is a common legal precursor to filing a suit.

“Dirty Tricks” is a legitimate legal grievance that implies illegal methods employed by a person or organization to harm the reputation or effectiveness of another. Zeese did not indicate in his letter which actions NBC took that were illegal.

The ACLJ officially responded to Zeese, notifying him that all correspondence going forward should be directed to the ACLJ.

It will be interesting to see if Brett Kimberlin will follow through with his threat of legal action. A search in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. court systems did not turn up any suits filed by Brett Kimberlin, Kevin Zeese or Velvet Revolution against the National Bloggers Club or Ali Akbar…yet.


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