BREAKING: Aaron Walker Files Motion to Stay Brett Kimberlin Peace Order

Aaron Walker, with his attorney Mr. Bours, have filed a motion to partially stay the Peace Order filed against him for blogging and tweeting about Brett Kimberlin.

Mr. Bours argues at one point in the motion that Judge Cornelius Vaughey ”disregarded by name controlling supreme court precedent on what constitutes incitement.” The motion cites Judge Vaughey’s flippant rejection of Brandenberg v Ohio which defines incitement as speech “producing imminent lawless action or and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

Mr. Bours will attempt to speak to the court on Monday.

We have provided the entire 41 page Motion to Stay below. Please note that the last page is a proposed order that the court has not yet agreed to.

Dave Hogberg has it here over at Investor’s Business Daily.

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