Video Games: A New Sin?

Since the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, many have come out in support of gun control measures, claiming that guns pose a danger to society. A variety of celebrities gathered today on Capitol Hill in support of President Obama’s plan to implement an assault weapons ban and universal background checks for gun purchasers.

However, some individuals have gone as far as blaming violent video games for these recent tragedies. Connecticut State Representative DebraLee Hovey submitted a bill that would put a 10 percent “sin” tax on M-rated video games.

“In my mind, we do not need to be glorifying violence,” she told NBC News in an interview. “What about murder and mayhem have become entertainment in our society? I think that putting a sin tax — and in mind this is a sin tax — on the M-rated video games … will cause people to think about what they are actually purchasing.”

Representative Hovey is not the first lawmaker to propose such legislation. Missouri State Representative Diane Franklin proposed a 1 percent sales tax on violent video games earlier last month.

While politicians point fingers about what the source of gun violence is, some criminals have a different response to gun control:

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