Plea Deal With Jail Time On The Table For Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Having resigned on November, 21st, former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) is now negotiating a plea deal with federal authorities.

Jackson, son of former Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson, Sr. was considered a rising star within his party. Known for his exceptional orator skills, Jackson was elected to Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District in 1995.

Jackson Jr. had been absent of his Congressional post since June 10th of last year, citing mental health issues. Sources say the federal probe into misused campaign funds had already been underway. The misused campaign funds supposedly included the purchase of a $40,000 Rolex.

Mike Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times reported in an exclusive this morning that Mr. Jackson is negotiating a plea deal with federal authorities that “will include significant jail time.”

Despite his 5 month absence from Congress, and his stay at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the former Congressman was re-elected last November.

Federal authorities are now conducting a separate investigation into Mr. Jackson’s wife, Sandi Jackson. Mrs. Jackson, a former Chicago City Alderman, claims she was stunned by the finance abuse disclosures.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The federal scrutiny includes access to and use of her husband’s congressional campaign money, including credit card charges, as well as the movement of money from one account to another, sources say.


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