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Release: National Bloggers Club Exploring Legal Options with Darby against Neal Rauhauser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 2, 2012Contact: Ali A. Akbar, (emails will be reviewed by system and then a volunteer), (888) 308-3606, ext. 4   DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE ACCUSES ACTIVIST BRANDON DARBY OF “SWATTING” BLOGGERS; NATIONAL BLOGGERS CLUB PLEDGES SUPPORT FOR DARBY AND ALL LEGAL RECOURSE AUSTIN, TX — Democratic operative and self-proclaimed “hacker” Neal Rauhauser has accused Brandon Darby of “SWATting.” Darby is a political activist and former FBI operative. […]

CFPB Another Step Towards Federal Control of Higher Education?

He who controls the purse strings makes the rules. Education finance policy. Sounds boring right? It may not be the hottest topic out there but it is definitely an important one. Especially considering concerted steps are being taken to destroy private student lending.   Step 1: The Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Obamacare). Along with taking a major step in the control of the health care industry, this […]

BREAKING: Aaron Walker Files Motion to Stay Brett Kimberlin Peace Order

Aaron Walker, with his attorney Mr. Bours, have filed a motion to partially stay the Peace Order filed against him for blogging and tweeting about Brett Kimberlin. Mr. Bours argues at one point in the motion that Judge Cornelius Vaughey “disregarded by name controlling supreme court precedent on what constitutes incitement.” The motion cites Judge Vaughey’s flippant rejection of Brandenberg v Ohio which defines incitement as speech “producing imminent lawless action […]

ACLJ Sends Letter in Response to Brett Kimberlin

David French with the ACLJ has stepped up to defend Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club against Brett Kimberlin’s litigious tendencies. Last week Kevin Zeese, legal counsel to Velvet Revolution, one of Kimberlin’s non-profit organizations, sent a letter titled “Document Hold Request for Potential Litigation In The Matter Of Velvet Revolution And Justice Through Music Dirty Tricks Campaign By National Bloggers Club” to Ali Akbar, Foster Friess and Stephen […]