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Banks Open, Stock Exchange Remains Closed in Cyprus

Today, Cypriot banks will open their doors to customers for the first time in two weeks. Anticipating a major run on deposits, the Finance Ministry has imposed strict capital controls to stop depositers from cleaning out their vaults. These include a 300 Euro per day withdrawal cap, a ban on check cashing, and an injunction on the foreign transfer of funds. Economists rightfully predicted that citizens would be flocking to […]

Marriage Equality Goes Federal as Supreme Court Hears Challenge to #DOMA

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for and against California Prop 8, and it looks like that state case will be passed on due to lack of standing. But today the Court is hearing arguments on a federal level, as the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), signed in 1996 by then-president Bill Clinton, and passed by overwhelming majorities in congress, is challenged at the highest level. The case […]

Sandusky Maintains his Innocence in Exclusive Jailhouse Interview

NBC’s Today Show aired excerpts of an audio-only jailhouse interview with convicted pedophile and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky yesterday. The interviews with Sandusky were conducted by filmmaker John Ziegler as part of a film he is making in an effort to restore the name of Penn State’s long time head-football coach Joe Paterno.  In Ziegler’s interview with Matt Lauer, he explains he preemptively wrote an open letter […]

Ted Cruz Surprises #CPAC2013 to Introduce Sarah Palin

Priceless. Sarah Palin was introduced, and who walks out out in her stead but Ted Cruz, who informs the still-standing full house, that he’s “in no way cool enough to be Sarah Palin.” Cruz drove the crowd wild with his statement that Palin drives the main stream media “bat crap crazy”, and that she “shakes up their world view” and she “picks winners.” Sen. Cruz reminded the crowd that Palin […]

BREAKING NEWS #CPAC2013: Dr. Ben Carson To Retire from Medicine in 106 Days, Hints at White House Run

Dr. Ben Carson, head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, made an exclusive announcement to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) today that he is retiring and leaving the practice of medicine in “106 days,” coinciding with his 62nd birthday this September. Carson said he wanted to leave while he was at “the top of my game”. Carson made the shock announcement minutes ago in a speech before a few thousand conservative […]

Healthy Habits with Big Bird and the First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Sesame Street to promote her Let’s Move! initiative.  Videos were recorded in The White Housee. We go for a small tour of the East Room and the kitchen. Let’s Move! is celebrating its third anniversary this year. Happy Birthday!     ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (5) Aww (0)

5 Jobs That Will Make You Want to Keep Yours

If you thought your job was bad, try being a sewer inspector! Something even worse than inspecting sewers is being a sludge cleaner!! How would you like this to be your office everyday as a garbage put technician? Would you give up your job to be a leech trapper? Finally, the poo pot maker. It pretty must speaks or smells for itself! ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) […]

Late Debate Releases Video in Response to "Unfair" White Guilt Ad Campaign

In response to the University of Minnesota - Duluth’s “Unfair” ad campaign showcasing the ills of “white guilt,” Late Debate released this video highlighting the importance of judging individuals on the content of character over the content of skin color: Campus Reform covered the the original story: The University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve “racial justice” by raising awareness of “white privilege.” […]