Alabama Wins Another National Championship on National Signing Day


The rich seem to just keep getting richer. And on National Signing Day, the first day for high school football players to sign their national letters of intent to play for the college of their choice, the Tide kept rolling.

According to both and, Alabama sits atop of the recruiting class rankings again this year, after winning its third actual national title in four years. is one of the most influential websites when it comes to reporting on and analyzing high school talent, and how that talent will translate to the college level. Alabama tops Rivals’ 2013 list for the fifth time in the last six years.

Incidentally on both Rivals’ list and ESPN’s list, the SEC has six of the nation’s top ten recruiting classes, with the nation’s top player, Robert Nkemdiche, signing with the Ole Miss Rebels. The rest of the nation continues to play catch up.

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  1. February 7, 2013  10:26 pm by Hal Bennett Reply

    One thing that seemed to happen this signing day is that the nation seems maybe to be reawakening to the fact that there is such a thing as college football. I for one have never been that hepped up on pro football. It seems to me that the more pro football has come into its own, the less educated has been its fan base. Its tastes, therefore, seem to be getting baser and baser, while college football seems to be holding its own, in spite of the fact that there seem to be those who want to make the whole football world like the NFL.
    The player chooses the college, whereas the pro team chooses the player. Right there from the start you have a fresher approach in college football. Socialism from the top down now exists at both levels, ever since the NCAA strapped the colleges with a player-cap (instead of a salary cap), but Christmas comes every signing day, and the drama even includes the fact that Santa may leave you not much more than a bag of switches. If you watch Pro Football, you are watching a game in which the players are in a Catch-22 position. They didn't choose where they came into the League, and if they escape to Free Agency, they ruin the camaraderie that still exists in college football from sticking with the bunch you joined in the first place.

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