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Obama Recess Appointment’s Union Past Under Scrutiny

Barack Obama’s history of recess appointments is widely agreed to be less than stellar. Now, FOX News is raising questions about another recess appointment, that of former International Union of Operating Engineers lawyer Richard Griffin to the National Labor Relations Board. The FOX story alleges that more than 60 Union members have been arrested and jailed in [...]

A Sham Coalition, Obamacare, and David Axelrod’s Impropriety

In 1985, with three other individuals, David Axelrod started AKPD, a political/media consulting firm that caters to progressive candidates. The firm was in charge of President Barack Obama’s 2008 election, and after the election, Obama invited Axelrod to come on board as his Senior Advisor. AKPD was to buy out Axelrod’s stake in the company [...]