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PHOTO: Chinese 'People's Daily' Newspaper Unveils New Phallic Headquarters

Talk about overcompensating: The Chinese People’s Daily Newspaper (owned and operated by the state, of course) is having work done on its new Beijing headquarters. Due to the design of the building, Chinese censors are in overload as people all across China search - typing perhaps with only one hand - for photos relevant to the new, 500-foot-tall building:

Chinese Student Lu Lingzi, 23, Identified as Third Victim Killed by Boston Marathon Bombing

A Chinese graduate student at Boston University has been identified as the third person killed by Monday’s terrorist bombing attack on the Boston Marathon. Twenty-three-year-old Lu Lingzi had a degree in international trade and was studying mathematics at BU. The university said Lu was watching the race with two friends near the finish line, when one of two bombs exploded. One of Lu’s friends and fellow BU graduate students, Zhou Danling, suffered serious injuries and is reported [...]

DEVELOPING: US, South Korea On Brink of War with North Korea

On Wednesday, the rhetorical battle between the US and North Korea took a turn that now makes war seem like a near certainty. North Korea has officially announced that their nuclear arsenal has been approved for use in an attack, while the US countered with moving additional missile defense resources to Guam. The situation has now reached tension levels substantial enough for both China and Russia to share concern. China [...]