Monthly archives: November 2012

The Akin Effect

Rasmussen has a headline that managed to shock both sides. It reads, “54% Are Pro-Choice, 38% Pro-Life.” AllahPundit has more at HotAir, noting the August spike. Consider this the Todd Akin Effect. If killing babies wasn’t his goal, he sure did a lot to help fuel the opposition making that happen. Hearts and minds matter — and the pro-life movement is suffering for Akin’s comments. This number isn’t permanent, will likely [...]

A Plea to Speaker John Boehner

Speaker Boehner, America is standing on a stool with a noose around her neck. And Obama is kicking the stool. For the next two years, you’re the only man who can stop him. We have to spend less. This is not an abstract concept. This is not a political statement. This isn’t last time. This is math. It’s reality. To survive as a free and independent nation, the federal government needs its receipts [...]

Ali A. Akbar's Post-Election Manifesto Twitter Rant

I was depressed. We had just lost the most important election of our lifetime and I wasn’t going to be chipper or be one of the commentators telling people to pick themselves up. This isn’t a game. I don’t do this purely for profit. I convinced people to sacrifice a lot-I’ve sacrificed so much over these past two years. A Twitter follower turned friend, @McCallTomeny explained to me that he [...]

Election Night: Follow These Experts on Twitter

Want to “know before you know” and avoid the added stress of listening to TV pundits. Relying on cable networks and cable will cause you undue stress as they go through raw counts of votes. These experts are watching margins, counties, and early indicators of the outcome. @Ali @PatrickRuffini @Adrian_Gray @Flynn1776 @MelissaTweets @AriFleischer @rsmccain @soredayton @MoeLane @Alcivar @DaveWeigel @JohnEkdahl @bdomenech @justkarl @LSchweikart @fivethirtyeight @hawkinsusa @numbersmuncher @conartcritic @kesgardner @RealClearScott @KLSoltis @Chris_Moody [...]

Raw Data: The Pollz Are Wrong Either Way

I don’t have time to write about this. Let me show you what the polls did as far as Party affiliation goes… I also establish what the credible firms were using. You’ll notice something that maybe Nate Silver didn’t… polls as a whole tend to overstate the Democrat electorate and Democrats get extra bonus points going into an election. Don’t tell me this wasn’t partisan or push polling.   The [...]

Obama's Bad News in the Final Columbus Dispatch Poll

CINCINNATI, OHIO- “Within the margin of error,” is a phrase that David Axelrod didn’t want to wake up to this morning, although he knows what to do: Obama’s senior advisor will tout the 50-48 result in the D+4 poll and proudly pronounce that the fundamentals of the Democrat narrative are still intact. Despite Axelrod’s spin, however, what’s been dubbed the “Obama firewall” or “Ohio firewall” looks like it’s in danger. [...]

Ohio Math: Numbers Equal Trouble for Democrats

Democrats have much to fear when it comes to the math of the horserace for Ohio’s crucial 18 electoral votes. With two trips to Ohio under my belt this general election, I have been able to witness rallies from Marion to Toledo to the historic West Chester rally Friday night, I’ve talked extensively with soft-money groups here about their operations and have been to polling stations, all to get a [...]