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Are StartUp RockOn Organizers Lying About Lupe Fiasco? Watch the Video Proof.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco getting tossed off stage (though organizers deny the characterization) from an Inauguration concert is causing quite a commotion on Twitter and hitting the blogs. Organizers released a statement, which frankly had a lot of doublespeak in it about the situation. StartUp RockOn is all about startups helping startups. At Sunday night’s Inauguration Celebration at the Hamilton Live, [...]

Rapper Lupe Fiasco Kicked Off Stage at Inauguration Concert After Hatin’ on Obama; Statement from Organizers Says Otherwise; VIDEO Added

After Lupe Fiasco announced that he didn’t vote for the reelection of President Obama, he was shown off stage. Then again, Fiasco doesn’t vote in any U.S. elections in keeping with his different views. Like when he proudly exclaimed, “My fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama and the United States of America,” [...]