Twitter Names New King as @JustinBieber Knocks Off @LadyGaga

Well, it’s happened. In an astounding feat of tenacity, grit and downright superior artistry, young Justin Bieber has officially tossed aside the inimitable Lady Gaga as Twitter’s most followed entity.

Through a masterful repertoire of pop magic and sheer vocal-gymnastic determination, the pint-sized warbler has out-gunned Gaga’s most recent assault bra, and left her nearly ten thousand followers shy of the Twitter throne.

While Gaga was busy entertaining the Obama administration staffers last Tuesday at the White House Staff Ball, Bieber was quietly clawing his way past her in the social networking chain of command. No word yet as to whether Gaga will don a suit made from Congressional Tea Party members’ entrails in an attempt to garner attention and re-claim her place at the top.

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