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Twitter Names New King as @JustinBieber Knocks Off @LadyGaga

Well, it’s happened. In an astounding feat of tenacity, grit and downright superior artistry, young Justin Bieber has officially tossed aside the inimitable Lady Gaga as Twitter’s most followed entity. Through a masterful repertoire of pop magic and sheer vocal-gymnastic determination, the pint-sized warbler has out-gunned Gaga’s most recent assault bra, and left her nearly [...]

Justin Bieber Shows His Bare Butt (And Crack) (NSFW-ish) PHOTO:

How’d we miss this? Justin Bieber took to Instagram for a prank Saturday evening… and it didn’t take long for Beliebers┬áto give his bare butt (and crack) over 50,000 likes. It also didn’t take the Biebs long to delete the picture. The picture was captioned with the simple hashtag, “#moon”. His manager, Scoot Braun, took [...]