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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Sanford's Staff Blindsided (Again) By Revelations of Trespassing Complaint

Mark Sanford‘s campaign staff did not get warning that he was in trouble… again. Sources close to the campaign tell ViralRead that the former Governor did not notify key campaign staff ahead of yesterday’s revelation that he must appear in court on charges that he trespassed at his ex-wife’s house. This is the second time a scandal has side-swiped his staff. Flashback: Joel Sawyer, Sanford’s Communications Director, Resigns - Huffington Post It’s [...]


Injuries are reported in Boston where two explosions apparently occurred today in a spectator area near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon. TV news footage showed a panic-stricken stampede after the blasts; at least four people have been hospitalized. Federal authorities are reported to be en route. UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that at least three people were killed. Massachusetts General Hospital is reportedly treating four injuries. Officials are [...]

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Politico Lift Washington Post Analysis on Special Election? And Do It Wrong?"/>

Did Politico Lift Washington Post Analysis on Special Election? And Do It Wrong?

Editor’s Note (April 3rd, 2013 2:55PM ET): In this item published yesterday, ViralRead staff asked whether an article by Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt about the South Carolina congressional runoff campaign had borrowed a projected turnout number — 45,000 — used in a previous Washington Post article by Sean Sullivan. And just how he came to the exact same opposite conclusion… After e-mail communication with Isenstadt’s editor at Politico, we have been told that Isenstadt’s article was based on independent reporting, and [...]

Celebrate Easter Sunday with Dolly Parton and Other Headlines

More than 2 billion Christians are celebrating their belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ today. While many Christian believers are complaining about Google’s savior: Cesar Chavez. Pray for Ware went viral for March Madness fans. Mark Sanford greeted newspaper readers with a message of fiscal responsibility in the form of a full page campaign ad. HBO’s Game of Thrones started just 30 minutes ago. And HBO’s TrueBlood released their first [...]

Candidate for Lt. Gov. in Virginia Sends Out Unconventional Email About Ill Mother

Pete Snyder is currently running for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia. He sent an email out that is causing GOP activists to take a second look. This email could be taken as too personal, taking advantage of a horrible situation for political gain, or conveying the purity that comes with a loving mother. The reader should decide. His subject line was simple, “Mom.” This technique is known by new media professionals as [...]

Best Twitter Reactions to BuzzFeed Employee Tweeting Gay Group, "Suck My D*ck"

It was the tweet heard ’round the world. BuzzFeed Senior Copywriter, Josh Fjelstad, vulgarly tweeted for a gay conservative Republican group to “suck his dick.” Fjelstad dug his heels in then later deleting the tweet. BuzzFeed employees should know that scrubbing the internet and not apologizing only makes it worse. We decided to round up some of the reactions: Chris Barron is a Co-Founder and the Board Chairman Emeritus of [...]

Justin Bieber Shows His Bare Butt (And Crack) (NSFW-ish) PHOTO:

How’d we miss this? Justin Bieber took to Instagram for a prank Saturday evening… and it didn’t take long for Beliebers to give his bare butt (and crack) over 50,000 likes. It also didn’t take the Biebs long to delete the picture. The picture was captioned with the simple hashtag, “#moon”. His manager, Scoot Braun, took to Twitter to tweet, “as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only [...]