Candidate for Lt. Gov. in Virginia Sends Out Unconventional Email About Ill Mother

Pete Snyder is currently running for Lutientient Governor in Virginia. He sent an email out that is causing GOP activists to take a second look. This email could be taken as too personal, taking advantage of a horrible situation for political gain, or conveying the purity that comes with a loving mother. The reader should decide.

His subject line was simple, “Mom.” This technique is known by new media professionals as a way to get recipients to dive in for a read, increasing the open rates. A metric campaigns treasure. Snyder is the founder of New Media Strategies, a company that pioneered digital marketing for a wide array of clients, including political campaigns. He is currently the CEO of Disruptor Capitol, a “Virginia-based seed and angel capital investment company focused on funding and growing disruptive technologies, ideas and entrepreneurs.”

Prayers for Snyder’s mother.

The email reads as follows:

Friend, Many of you are aware that I had to step off the campaign trail for a few days over the past week or so - as I learned my Mom had been rushed to the hospital.

I’m so grateful to so many of you who have offered your thoughts and prayers.

We need them more than ever.

The past 10 days have been some of the roughest we as a family have ever faced.

Here is what we know:

Our worst fears were realized.

Mom has advanced breast cancer, which is going to take chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and radiation.

Over the past two weeks, as we huddled by her side, Mom told my sister and me that beyond beating this wretched disease, she has two short-term goals:

One, that when she is healthy enough, we, as a family, have a picnic on the beach.

And, two, that she be strong enough to be by my side on the floor of the Coliseum in Richmond on May 18th for the RPV Convention.

The family beach picnic, I expected. That’s what she loves to do - and trust me, she was very specific about the menu, as only Moms can be.

The convention thing was a surprise to me. While Mom’s a good conservative and an avid (if not rabid) Fox News viewer, never in a million years did I expect a political campaign to be top of mind for her.

Like all of you, in my book, family trumps politics - any day of the week. But Mom said that she didn’t raise a quitter, she raised us to aim high and to fight with everything we have.

She wants me to run and run hard just as she taught us to do everything in life. And she’s going to be doing the same.

I don’t know what the coming weeks and months are going to look like - but I imagine our already “unconventional” convention campaign may from time to time be even a bit more unconventional. And that’s ok by me. I’m going to need to be by Mom’s side often.

Mom’s a fighter, and if she’s fighting towards those two goals, I’ll be doing the same.

Please keep the prayers for her coming in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Thank you for understanding.

God Bless,

Pete Snyder


Did this go to far or was it open, honest and refreshing? You can decide that.

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